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Hey everyone! It has been awhile, but we all know how summer can get a little hectic, hot but FUN. I have been busy with friends and family enjoying bbqs, beach trips, DC adventures and of course lazy pool days. With summer in full force, I have not been able to sit down and continue my weekly posts of green living in Rockville, but that’s not to say I haven’t been living green.

With lots of criticisms from my close friends (you know who you are) I still and will continue to hold my own. Between friend get-togethers and trips to the beach, I am on constant alert to live a little more simply. Whether that is making sure EVERYONE recycles (friends like to do the whole sarcastic “Caitlin, look, I am throwing a can directly into the trash…” which I have to just ignore and laugh but still make sure they don’t) or to suggest to go to the farmer’s market to grab a bunch of local veggies and grill them alongside their main dish. I am always living as green as possible at home, but yet it gets harder to do that outside the home, in social or group settings.

I am a young (I feel older) 22 year old that loves to go out and have a good time. This is at a cost. Endless amounts of consuming, whether it is food or alcohol, my friends and I will always be out purchasing something. This is NOT to say I try to hype on my friends’ choices, but it is to say that it is harder to bite my tongue when I know our choices could be a little greener. There are ups and downs to my social butterflies: we always try to take public transportation, or just walk. We usually strive to find unique, local business that offer local and organic food/drinks. But then again some friends may not agree with the choice and I have to sacrifice. We mostly live in suburban MD that means more driving than desire. Also the amount of my friends and I manage to drink on those summer nights is unthinking, lots and lots of bottles and cans (hopefully always gets recycled).

My friends are warming up to the whole “green living” aspect of me. They understand that this is my life. But I realized I have to be less of a lecturer and more of a loving friend to everyone. Summer time is exciting. There are amazing things happening around me that I am soaking up and sharing with everyone. But there are still harmful things in life that I want to provide an alternative choice to the ones I love; just sometimes they don’t want to hear it. So I have learned and will continue to learn to only answer and tell when asked about certain things, but continue to point out the positive, beautiful things in life, like the great vegetables springing from my garden!  Happy Summer!


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